Korean United Methodist Church in Albuquerque
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About Church Building Construction and Progress
Ground Break:Newspaper Article
Building Site Plan    Floor Plan   Elevations
Steel Erection (Aug. 28, 2002)
Roof and Wall #1(Oct. 18, 2002)
Roof_and Wall #2(Nov. 14, 2002)
Front_View(Jan. 29, 03)
Sanctuary completed(March, 2003)       Front View(May,2003)
Revival Service & Choir Memeber     Playground

The Consecration Service was held on May 25th, 2003, Sunday 3:00PM.
Bishop Max Whitfield was preacher at this service.
 성전봉헌예배를  5월 25일 휘필드 비숖을 모시고 드렸읍니다.
 초대목사님이신 정용치목사님을
모시고 부흥성회도 5월 23-25일 은혜가운데 마쳤읍니다.
건축을 위해 기도와 헌금으로 도와주신 한국과 미국 각지에 계신
많은 옛 교우 여러분께  감사드립니다.