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The class meetings are small Bible study groups composed of only ten to twelve members. Members meet once a week or two weeks for an hour with the aim of studying Bible and maintaining personal spiritual growth. The Praxis Bible Study materials are used as lesson guidelines for the class meeting. ‘Praxis’ comes from the Greek, meaning “Practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use of knowledge or skills.” Or, to put it more simply, “Putting knowledge into practice.” The Praxis Bible study material is issued every week and it is written by Pastor Kim and its lesson content is based on last week's sermon. It is recommended that you click on the ‘Praxis Bible Study’, here and use it as a personal QT textbook or a small group Bible study as a lesson based on the weekly sermon.



#1 Beginning Church, medieval christianity
#7 Missionaries in Korea


Sermon for New Church Officers

Words to the deacon and Exhorters

(Rev. Chung-Geun Kim)

Model of the Church (Rev. Yong Chi Chung)



Various Version of the Bible



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