Date Time Location
Sunday Traditional (Korean) Sunday 11:00am Sanctuary
Morning Prayer Tue-Sat 6:00am Sanctuary
English Contemporary Sunday 9:45am Rm 101
Sunday School Sunday 11:00am Rm 101
PreK/K-3/4-7 Sunday 10:00am class Room
Mid/High School Sunday 11:00am class Room
Bible Reading Class Tue 9:30am class Room
Colledge/Youth Friday 7:30pm Fellowship
Youth(English) Thur 7:00am Zoom


We livestream the Sunday Service at 11:00am and Morning Prayer Service at 6:00am on Tue.-Sat. Click here or the image below to access our YouTube channel "KUMC_Online".



Jan. 22 Church Conference
Jan. 28 Church council decided to take Disaffiliation process.
Feb. 6 Concrete Crack Repair starts.

There will be no Morning prayer meeting.
Concrete Crack Repair is completed.(2/8)

Feb 13-14 Paster Kim will attend the Board of Ordained Ministry.
April 28-30 Spring Revival Meeting is planed.
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City Life Guide for New Residents

Only Korean version is available at this point.

Korean United Methodist Church in Albuquerque, 601 Tyler Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113, USA

Phone (505) 803-7716

Email: abqkee@gmail.com
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