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Praxis 10 - 1w    

Philippians 2:1-11, Title: Heart of Jesus Christ


100222     Praxis Class Meeting


Philippians 2:1-11, Title: Heart of Jesus Christ


1. Word Prayer (All): “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves (verse 3).” Please forgive us for quarreling with each other as members of the church, the body of Jesus. Forgive us for what we did out of vain to stand up for ourselves or to be recognized in doing your work in the church. Please forgive our arrogant attitude that we considered ourselves better than others. As Christians, make our lives like the lives of Jesus Christ and our hearts like the hearts of Jesus. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


2. Icebreaker: Children are supposed to imitate their parents. Let's share with each other what you resembled your parents.


3. Singing(Hymn): assigned by leader


4. Reading the scripture: Philippians 2:1-11


5. Understanding the Text:

After Paul visited Philippi on his second missionary journey, the church in Philippi was established as the fruit of Paul's mission. Paul did not stay long in Philippi because he was an missionary, but after the church was established in Philippi, he gave the members spiritual discipline diligently (verse 12). Paul is asking that his ministry for the Philippian church not be in vain, and that the hard work he has poured out for the Philippians will not be in vain (verse 16). The reason is that there were proud people in the Philippian church who worked their church life with vanity (verse 3). Because of these people, resentment and quarrels arose in the Philippian church (verse 14).

Quarrels, vanity, resentment, and quarrels are the causes that shake the church and the salvation of its members. Paul is telling the Philippians to have the heart of Jesus Christ above all else in order to achieve salvation (verse 12). Those who are saved are those who have the heart of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is in very nature God (verse 6). But even though he is God, he put the nature down. Jesus laid down his high position in order to serve people. A further development in his letting go is “self-emptying”. Jesus emptied all that could be treated as God (verse 7). Although Jesus is originally in the position of the Lord, that is, Lord to be served, he himself took the “form of a servant” (v. 7). He took the form of a servant and became like men to serve them. So, a Christian who has the heart of Jesus is willing to give up his position or honor, humble himself, empty everything that can be glorified, everything he can boast about, and everything he can put forward, and serve the people around him or her like a servant.

Jesus did not only have a heart to lay down and empty and serve, but He showed Himself through his actions. He came personally in human form to serve people. Jesus, who came as a human, served the demon-possessed, the sick, and those who were despised. Finally, he personally died on the cross to bear the sins of mankind in order to save dying souls (v. 8). Even in the midst of ridicule, scorn, and suffering, He did not reveal that He was God, and He endured without using His powers. A Christian with the heart of Jesus is one who knows how to control himself, who knows how to be patient, and who obeys God's word to the end. Through these people, the body of Christ, the church, is being built up.

God blesses those who have the heart of Jesus. Because Jesus laid down Himself, God exalted the name of Jesus as the name that is above all names (verse 9). Since he emptied himself and took the form of a servant, God restored him to be Lord (v. 11). Today's text tells us that if we humble ourselves, God will exalt us, if we empty ourselves, God will fill us, and if we serve as servants, God will make us the master. True faith is not to love what the world exalts, fills, and serves but to follow Jesus' step.


6. Questions for Understanding:

6.1. As Christians, what should we have in our relationships (verse 5)?

6.2. Who is Jesus in nature (verse 6)?

6.3. What did Jesus in order to serve men (verse 7)?

6.4. How obedient was Jesus, who came in human form (verse 8)?


7. Questions for Application

7.1. What did I realize in today's study? What words do you think are most important to you?

7.2. What is my spiritual state right now? What is my prayer lists now?

7.3. Are there quarrels, vanity, resentment, and quarrels within me as a Christian?

7.4. What of my appearance is not fitting the heart of Christ Jesus?


8. Prayer(add your prayer lists):

God, we want our lives to be like Jesus. We want our hearts to be like those of Jesus. Jesus gave up his identity as God and came to this earth. Like Jesus, if it is God's will, give us the courage to lay down ourselves without hesitation. Jesus emptied himself to become a servant to men. Help us to remove all greed and desire in our hearts to serve people like Jesus. Jesus suffered all kinds of contempt and persecution, and he even died on the cross to save mankind. Help us to live a life of faithful servants like Jesus who saves people even though there was sufferings on the cross. we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen


9. Praise/ Announcements/


10. End with Lord's Prayer